One thought on “L245DT”

  1. Just been looking at the mods you’ve been doing to your bota. I must say I like the look of that pump coming off the front PTO. That’s the kind of set-up I’m hoping to put together on my ZL2201 (L245) the main reason for wanting a pump at the front & not using the tractors original hydraulics is 1. To be sure it’s powerful enough to power a post driver
    2. I don’t want to take the power away from the rear 3pt linkage so this can still be used as & when needed
    3. So I can have both flow out & return back to either a separate oil tank/over flow or feeding back into the back end of tractor.
    I feel having a independent system & tank would be best as it can’t reduce the effectiveness of the 3pt hydraulics.
    Seeing as you look like you know what your doing adapting & modifying your tractor I’m hoping you might be able to direct me in which way is the best for me. I need it to be reliable & wrk well as I will be using it within my fencing & landscaping business so it needs to look good also. Any help gratefully received. Thanks Stu

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