2 thoughts on “1964 IHC C-1200 4X4 (the camper truck)”

  1. Great truck. You did a great job in the restoration and your photo documentation was over the top. I collect and restore IH trucks myself, I just finished my travelette last spring and love to see other high quality restorations on the 4 door binders. i have a bunch of pics of my 72 T-ette on my photo sharing site . I have a 73 Chinook camper I intend to rennovate for my truck as well. Thanks for making your website available

  2. Nice truck!
    Not many crewcabs back then, except the military.
    Grandad had nothing but Binders. Have had a few myself, but almost all newer ones. Gave a barrel full of parts for this era to a buddy a few years ago, kept the grille. He had one slightly newer (65/66). Saw the ‘list’ number on the carb, forgot about those. You always took your parts with you to the local parts store. Almost wasn’t worth it to go to anywhere but Napa, Big A, or a REAL parts store. IS it s 304 or 345? Or maybe even a 266?! When looking for molding for my 71 Dodge I was suprised that molding for IH’s was less $.

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